Narendra Modi Gives Push To Adoption Of Electric Vehicles


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that India must be “Aatmanirbhar” (self-reliant) in order to realize its dream of an electric vehicle (EV).

Modi addressed the nation at the Red Fort ramparts on the 75th Independence Day. He said that the country must “reach the next stage of energy independence” and that solar energy, biofuels, and the adoption of EVs are all options.

Modi’s push for electric vehicles was made as the electric-two-wheeler industry faces scrutiny over battery explosions, fire incidents, and others that have led to many government investigations.

The prime minister asked the sector to take advantage of growing opportunities in areas such as semiconductors and electric vehicles in a webinar on “Make in India for the World”.

Aatmanirbharta’s importance is magnified when we look at national security. He stressed that the private sector must be more vocal for the locals, and asked the industry to increase domestic manufacturing in the EV sector.

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Modi met with Osamu Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s senior advisor in Tokyo. They discussed Indian investment opportunities, including the establishment of production facilities for batteries and electric vehicles.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed that India’s economy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030, compared to 2005.

NITI Aayog predicts that by 2030, almost 80% of two- and three-wheelers, 40% of buses, and 30-70% of cars will be powered by electricity.

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