Mangaluru International Airport Gets An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Mangaluru International Airport Installs An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Just a few days after purchasing two electric sport utility vehicles (SUV) to be used at the asset’s operational use, the Mangaluru International Airport launches an electric vehicle charging station.

This further strengthens the “Go Green” commitment and reduces its carbon footprint. The charging station will be available both internally and to the public.

At traffic island 4, near the flag pole, is located the direct-current fast-EV charging station. Two 60-kW combined charging systems (CCS) type 2 gun chargers are installed at the station. This allows two electric vehicles to be charged simultaneously. MIA plans to add an additional electric vehicle charging station to the airside, exclusively for future use as its fleet of EVs grows.

The charger station can charge 30 vehicles in 24 hours. ATGLs EV App is available for both Android and iOS. To charge their electric vehicles, one can choose to use the energy, money, or time mode. The time mode allows users to choose the time they want to charge their vehicle. In the energy mode, the user can select how many units the vehicle must be charged.

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Large operators have the option to use fleet cards to charge their electric vehicles. The government is encouraging a shift to electric vehicles, and there has been a rise in the number of them. The presence of an EV charging station at the public utility will only encourage EV owners to use the green mode of transport when they plan their next trip to the airport. They can also charge up if necessary.

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