EVgo and Delta Join Forces to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure Nation-Wide


EVgo Inc is the nation’s largest public charging network for electric cars (EVs). Recently, it announced that it had entered into a supply agreement with Delta Electronics. Delta Electronics is a leading global provider of energy management and power solutions. The agreement will see Delta supply EVgo 1,000 fast chargers that can produce up to 350kW. This supports EVgo’s recent project with General Motors (GM), Pilot Company, and other EVgo eXtend projects and expansions of EVgo’s own and operated charging network.

EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi stated that EVgo is committed to making EV-charging convenient and reliable for everyone. This makes it crucial that the network includes high-quality chargers backed up by a track record in innovation, reliability, and technology leadership. Delta and EVgo share a strong reputation for being industry pioneers. This collaboration will highlight our complementary strengths and expertise while helping EVgo to accelerate its momentum and reach its deployment targets to increase access to top-quality EV charging experiences throughout the U.S.

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“Delta has used its core expertise in high-efficiency power electronics for over 50 years to offer energy-saving solutions that can support megatrends that support sustainability. Not only have we shipped more than one million EV chargers worldwide, but also worked with top-tier EV manufacturers in North America and Europe.” Kelvin Huang, President, of Delta Electronics Americas Region, said that we are thrilled to partner with EVgo as the United States strives for rapid growth in e–mobility.

Delta Electronics was founded in 1971. It has over 200 facilities around the world, including sales and manufacturing and R&D centers. The company has strong system integration capabilities and offers a wide range of smart green solutions including EV charging, smart manufacturing, smart building automation, and telecom power, data center infrastructure, renewable energy and energy storage. This helps to foster the development of smart factories, sustainable cities, and data center infrastructure. The EVgo Delta units will primarily include 350 kW EV charging stations with power-sharing capabilities.

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