EOS Linx Chooses NeoVolta as its Battery Supplier for EOS’s EV Charge Station Deployments

EV Charging Point
A file photo of electric vehicle charging point

EOS Linx, a leader in solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations with digital advertisement displays (EOS Charge Stations), has selected NeoVolta Inc. to supply its battery suppliers for its smart, network-connected solutions. NeoVolta will supply customized, advanced energy storage systems to EOS Charge stations through this partnership. This will help EOS Linx achieve its mission of supporting community electrification and expanding the country’s EV infrastructure.

EOS Charge Stations provide a minimum of 2 chargers, a 55- or 75 inch digital advertising display, and a NeoVolta Energy Storage System. Installations have already begun in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama as well as Texas. Additional deployments will be made in the future.

Blake Snider, CEO of EOS Linx, stated “we chose to extend our relationship with NeoVolta because of several reasons: reliability and safety, as well as long battery life. We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with NeoVolta, as we aim to revolutionize electric vehicle charging for American drivers.”

The NeoVolta systems have high storage capacity, high power output, and long-cycle battery life. These systems, which are made with a lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry, offer a safer, non-flammable option to regular lithium-ion cells. For the third consecutive year, Solar Power World named NeoVolta one of its Top Solar Storage Products in 2022.

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“Our EV Charging network must be safe. We need to concentrate on intelligent power management and building a resilient platform that still works when the lights go out.” Alex McGhee, EOS Linx COO also added, “NeoVolta offers both intelligent power storage and the data we need in order to continually improve our overall solution,” says Alex McGhee, COO of EOS Linx.

“We are proud to be the battery supplier for the growing network of EOS Charging Stations,” said Brent Willson, CEO at NeoVolta Inc.

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