Electric Vehicles In Demand In Bhopal, But There Is Lack Of Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging Point
A file photo of electric vehicle charging point

Despite the fact that the federal government specializes in different gas types and is pushing for EVs, the infrastructure for electric vehicles along with charging stations is far from adequate within the state capital. Although the authorities have made an effort to increase the number of EVs available on the roads, charging and restoration services are not keeping pace.

There isn’t enough charging station in the city, and while the owners of two-wheelers or three-wheelers must charge it, charging points are available at the four showrooms of one automobile company, which produces electric four-wheelers in India.

The registration fee for EVs is 1%. This is in contrast to 8% to 16% for petrol or diesel cars. Although the state authorities are trying to promote their use, it doesn’t seem to be enough to reach the goal due to the lack of infrastructure that allows individuals to use an electric vehicle without any problems.

RTO, Bhopal currently has 1,640 two-wheelers, 1,785 electric rickshaws, and 186 four-wheelers. However, Ashish Pandey of Bhopal Automobile Association stated that the number of registered vehicles may be higher due to the slower pace of electric vehicles. These vehicles usually travel less than 40 km per hour so they are not required by the RTO.

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Greencell Mobility will also be operating 10 electric buses between Bhopal & Indore as a trial to ensure that all services are available to operate electric buses along the route. The corporate will then run 50 electric buses between Bhopal & Indore by August’s tip.

Priya Zutshi, of Greencell Mobility, stated that they are currently running a trial of 10 buses to test the infrastructure and processes. “Once the trial is complete, we plan to run 50 buses between Bhopal to Indore in a single day for the transport department at MP.”

When asked how the company would run long-distance buses if there wasn’t a charging station in Bhopal she said that they could set up charging stations along the route. They wouldn’t only be self-reliant but also allow other autos to use their facility.

Ashish Pandey stated that electric vehicles are anxiously being sold. Currently, it accounts for 1% of passenger cars (4-wheelers) purchased and 50 two-wheelers per day on average. However, there isn’t any charging station in the metropolis. The charging factors can be found within the automobile showrooms. Two-wheelers must charge their e-cars at home or elsewhere based on where they feel most comfortable.

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There is a charging station somewhere between Indore and Bhopal. He mentioned this when he was asked how he would guarantee the charging of the car battery if someone uses his electric car in Indore.

He stated that charging stations are not only more secure than traditional charging methods, but they also cost less to recharge the battery than charging at home or anywhere else.

He said that while you can spend Rs 150-Rs 200 at a charging station to fully charge the battery, it will cost you Rs 180-Rs 500 to recharge your car.

He mentioned that dealers of electric two-wheelers plan to install charging points in their showrooms, but this has not been implemented yet.


  1. Public charging points like that of ChargeMOD, pole mounted is the ideal one. Can be easily mounted on Electric poles and easily accessed. The local ELE Board or municipal corporation can get these installed quickly

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