India To Launch One-Stop Electric Vehicle Application Soon


There has been a lot of proactive work from government agencies, OEMs and automakers to accelerate EV adoption. The government is working on a master app to integrate information about the location and availability of nearby charging stations. The app will also provide information about charging tariffs and charger types, so that users can cancel or make reservations at stations.

Convergence Energy Services Limited, a green-energy-focused venture of EESL Group, is already collecting information from private sector experts to aid in the development of the super app. The app will be available in four to six weeks, to help drivers overcome range anxiety.

Suman Mishra, CEO, Mahindra Electric Mobility, said “We thank the government of India for leading the initiative to integrate and launch a one-stop super app for EVs. It will help reduce range anxiety amongst EV owners and enable faster adoption across the country. We look forward to its implementation.”

According to NITI Aayog’s reports, there are approximately 1,827 charging stations across the country. This app is mutually beneficial for all parties.

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According to a financial newspaper, CESL will set up 590 fast-DC chargers with 50kW capacity and 220 chargers with higher 100kW capacities. The chargers with 50kW capacity will be available every 25 km, while the 100kW chargers will be available every 100 km.

Rajiv K Vij, Founder, Plug Mobility commenting on the same said, “Government’s decision to come up with a super app through CESL will go a long way in addressing concerns of EV vehicle owners about the battery range and help in faster adoption of electric vehicles across India. Along with the Super App, CESL’s announcement of setting up 10,000 charging points and involving private charge point operators in this initiative to set up and manage the same, is also a welcome step.”

As many current charging stations are not functioning, it is hoped that all of them will be functional. He said that it is crucial that all charging stations be in a fully functional state at all times and that they are easily located so that EV owners can reach them easily to charge their cars.

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The initiative may be very easy to operate, but it is also important to remember that infrastructure is just as important. It is crucial to have a strong network of EV charging stations and swappable stations. To improve infrastructure for large-scale electric vehicle use, the government created the FAME India Scheme.

As of July 1, 2022, 479 charging stations were installed under Phase-I of the FAME India Scheme. Under Phase II of FAME India, the Ministry of Heavy Industries allowed 2,877 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to be installed in 68 cities in 25 States and Union Territories.

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