Delta Installs it’s New EV Charging Infrastructure in EMEA Headquarters Green Building, Netherlands


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Delta, a world leader in thermal and power management solutions, implemented its Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solution in its EMEA Headquarters (HQs), green building in Hoofddorp (the Netherlands). This solution includes EV chargers and solar PV inverters as well as energy storage systems and energy management systems. It shows how Delta’s solutions can be used to help facility managers in commercial buildings, such as hotels, shopping centers, offices, and other commercial buildings, meet the increasing demand for EV charging services. The solution will allow Delta’s EMEA HQs to green building, which dates back to 1985, to have a broader energy mix and better managed peak hours for EV charging. This will result in a 15% reduction in annual energy consumption, as well as 16 EV chargers that provide EV charging services to employees.

Vincent Lin, Delta EMEA’s senior director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions, stated that the Delta EMEA headquarters is a perfect solution to meet EV users charging needs. It also addresses concerns from property owners about the infrastructure. This will also reduce any impact on the existing grid. Our EMEA headquarters is a testament to Delta’s commitment in RE100, which aims to make 100% of renewable electricity available by 2030. It also reflects our focus on promoting cleaner and more eco-friendly mobility.

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This solution makes it possible to ensure that the infrastructure is running efficiently and is simple to manage. The solution provides the required power without affecting the existing grid and is more cost-effective and flexible than a complete upgrade of the grid infrastructure. This solution allows for energy optimization and supports high EV charging and energy peak demand. It integrates seamlessly with a current power grid.

The Hoofddorp Delta office has Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solutions includes:

* A rooftop solar PV system of 50 kW to produce approximately 42,300 kWh each year.

* 16 AC/DC chargers that can simultaneously charge up to 24 EVs

* A Battery Energy Storage System that can store up to 293 kWh electricity.

* A Power Conditioning System, (PCS), with 100 kW output power to charge and discharge batteries.

* DeltaGrid(r), EVM to manage EV charging and optimize solar power & storage utilization.

There are over six million EVs on the roads in the EU. The EU’s Green Deal has set a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by at most 55%. This is a bid for Europe to become the first continent to be climate neutral by 2050. Expected growth in green, affordable EV transportation will have an impact on how people travel and what charging options they find at their destination. An EV user survey found that 80%-90% of charging events take place in locations where the vehicle is parked. This results in peak demand periods between the hours of returning home and the time after arriving at work. To provide the necessary facilities for EV users, there are some challenges. There are many challenges to overcome, including how to integrate new charging requirements without creating safety hazards or triggering circuit breakers trips. How to control and balance the cost of electricity. And how to manage power utility plans. Apart from existing infrastructure, organizations also need an appropriate EV charging infrastructure. This infrastructure should not only take into account the ROI (Return On Investment), but also the TCO (“Total Cost of Ownership).

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With its comprehensive solutions, Delta makes it simple to optimize an EV charging infrastructure. It is future-ready and provides grid optimization and CAPEX/OPEX to meet the requirements of both charging operators as well as the drivers who use them. Delta’s EV-charging infrastructure solutions are proven to be reliable, durable and easy to use by the Hoofdorp installation.

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