Philadelphia’s Municipal Fleet Will Now Run on EVgo’s Fast EV Charging Support


The Philadelphia Department of Fleet Services recently announced a partnership agreement with EVgo Inc. a leader and operator of America’s largest public fast-charging network for electric cars (EVs). The program will allow municipal vehicles in Philadelphia to charge on EVgo’s 100% renewable-powered network via a discounted fleet charging plan.

Philadelphia’s goal is to convert its fleet of 6,400 vehicles to electric and clean vehicles, as outlined in the City’s Municipal Clean Fleet Plan. Vehicle emissions account for approximately 13% of the carbon footprint of the municipal government. This is an area that must be addressed if the City wants to become carbon neutral by 2050. Philadelphia has pledged to stop purchasing new gas-powered cars after 2030.

EVgo’s public network covers more than 60 metro areas in over 30 states. This includes over 60 EVgo charging stalls throughout Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia market will offer the municipal fleet access to more than 30 EVgo DCFCs and 7 L2 charging stations in convenient locations like convenience stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and pharmacies. Five locations also have high-power 350 kW fast charges. The City currently operates more than 85 electric vehicles and is testing different models.

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“With gas prices rising, it makes sense to switch to electric and clean vehicles.” Joseph Rosati, Commissioner of Department of Fleet Services said that this partnership with EVgo meets our immediate need to charge quickly in order for additional electric vehicles to be put into active municipal service. Cathy Zoi (CEO of EVgo), stated “EVgo was excited to work with Philadelphia to provide public charging access for the city’s growing fleet of EVs. It is amazing to see electric cars zipping around the Philadelphia area where Ben Franklin’s kite experiment 250 years ago helped us understand electricity’s power. EVgo and the City of Philadelphia recognize the mutual benefits of private and municipal fleets working together in order to make clean transportation possible.”

About the Department of Fleet Services

The Department of Fleet Services (Fleet), ensures that City vehicles are always available, reliable, and safe.

The fleet buys and maintains vehicles in 43 cities. This fleet includes ambulances and garbage trucks, police cruisers as well as riding mowers and snow plows. Fleet is responsible overall for:

  • The City and its partners own over 6,000 vehicles
  • 16 facilities are staffed with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE-certified technicians).
  • There are 61 fuel stations located in Philadelphia.
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