EKA Has Been Awarded The Central Motor Vehicle Rules Certification By The Automotive Research Association of India For Its E9-Electric Bus

EKA Unveils Its New Electric Bus

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EKA, an electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has been awarded the Central Motor Vehicle Rules certification by the Automotive Research Association of India for its E9-electric bus.

EKA stated in a statement that the certification is crucial for the company’s ability to begin sales and trials of the electric bus at 9 metres in the coming months.

EKA, a Pune-based company that makes automotive seats, interiors, and speciality vehicles, unveiled its 200-kW motor-powered electric bus in April.

According to the company, EKA has passed all safety and functional testing required for the Central Motor Vehicle Rules certification (CMVR), which was granted by ARAI for its E9 bus measuring 9 metres.

Automotive Research Association of India is an automotive testing body that is affiliated with the Ministry of Industries and Public Enterprise.

EKA was founded with the vision of bringing sustainable, reliable and efficient mobility solutions. This includes the electrification and modernization of public transport and commercial vehicles.

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“Having passed all certification exams in such a short time is an accomplishment by the entire team. Sudhir Mehta is the founder-Chairman of EKA. He said that now, we look forward to increasing our production and delivering electric buses to customers.

Recent research has estimated that domestic electric vehicles will reach over 10 million units by 2030. The overall adoption rate for all vehicle types is more than 30%.

According to UITP (the international association for public transport), Indian cities are returning to pre-Covid travel demand levels. Many bus agencies across India are therefore undertaking large-scale procurement of electric buses.

The E9 can seat 31 passengers, and a driver, and has a standing capacity. It also supports a wheelchair with a foldable ramp. The vehicle can also be charged with a fuel cell, allowing for a range of 200 km on one charge.

Pinnacle Industries announced at the time that EKA would roll out electric buses and vehicles for last-mile delivery when its CEV business was launched.

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EKA will offer a range of commercial battery EVs as well as Plug-in Hybrid EVs and Fuel Cell EVs, and will also include components assembling and manufacturing, and EV traction energy storage, according to the company.


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