The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation To Establish 230 EV Charging Stations Across The City


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The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), in line with the State government’s policies to reduce carbon emissions and use electric vehicles, proposes to establish 230 EV charging stations.

A recent release stated that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority would also be setting up 100 additional EV charging stations within its boundaries.

The Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd. (TSREDCO), the State’s nodal agency, entered into an agreement to establish EV charging stations at various locations within the city with GHMC.

“GHMC submitted 230 and HMDA submitted 100 locations to (TSREDCO) for installation of electric vehicle-charging centres. Each location has high-speed charging with DC -001(15KW) capacity and low charging with C (122-150 KW ) capacity facilities. These charging centres will be set up accordingly at the feasibility of locations and further the petroleum corporations also install charging stations according to their convenience,” the release said.

This partnership will set up electric vehicle charging stations at 14 locations across the city. Some of these locations are Abids, Indira Park, Gunfoundry, Owaisi Hospital, etc.

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