Altigreen With Vidyut Parivahan Inaugurates An Electric Vehicle Centre In Pune

Altigreen neEV completes intercity 150+ kms run on a single charge

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Altigreen, a commercial electric vehicle manufacturer with Vidyut Parivahan, a last-mile delivery service provider inaugurates an electric vehicle service centre at Wagholi, Pune.

The company has also opened sales and marketing with a research & development office in Aundh, Pune to expand its business in other metro cities.

Recently, Altigreen raised Rs 300 crore funds in a round to expand its capacity and launch new products. This centre will also provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the public.

“The demand for last-mile passenger and goods transportation has been going up steadily. The penetration of e-L5 3Ws is currently at 20 per cent and is expected to grow to Rs 4,500 crore in this fiscal. We will continue to expand our service footprint across the country in order to better serve our customers. With the launch of this new service centre, we are confident that we can ensure a seamless experience,” said Amitabh Saran, founder-CEO, of Altigreen.

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