Tamil Nadu Secretariat To Get Additional Solar Powered EV Charging Stations

October 18, 2017 - The Pena Station Parking Facility uses PV to produce energy for lighting, controls and EV charging stations. The rooftop solar also provides shading and protection from the elements. Commuters can park at the facility and ride the mass transit train to DIA airport (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL)

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EV owners will soon be able to get two additional charging stations at the Secretariat, and another one at the DPI campus in Tamil Nadu. They are fully photo-voltaic-powered and can be arranged by the Tamil Nadu Vitality Improvement Company, (TEDA), as mannequin plants.

A TEDA official stated that the charging stations should be operational by year’s end and could be arranged at 1 crore, funded through Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiatives. This initiative aims to encourage gamers not in the public to use solar energy to set up charging stations in public places.

These 2 spots were recognized by authorities cars that frequent these areas in addition to non-public vehicles. The official stated that this facility could be unique and comparable to international fashions in countries like Denmark, Germany or the UAE.

These solar-powered charging stations have a 100kW capacity and can charge up to 15 cars at once. Stations can be built like an automobile shed, with photovoltaic panels on their roof. 

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The panels can be connected to the grid so that automobiles can be charged at any time. To make it possible for all types of electric vehicles, the stations will have multiple charging weapons such as ChadeMo and CCS 2. These stations can charge scooters and e-bikes, and both sluggish chargers and fast chargers are available for cars,” said a TEDA official.

Eight Metro stations in the metropolis have charging points for electric vehicles, as do Nandanam, Anna Nagar East, and Koyambedu. TEDA already has arranged a solar-powered charging station at the entrance to the EVK Sampath Building located within the DPI campus.

The 25kW capacity level can be charged from the DPI campus. This is the only solar-powered charging station in the state. You can place the charging station at a different spot on the same campus. The spot was also recognized by the Secretariat, according to TEDA officers.

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