Autel U.S. Set to Introduce EV Charging Solutions

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Autel U.S. is a leader in automotive diagnostics and announces its entry to the EV Charging Solutions provider industry with the launch of its MaxiCharger Home and its Commercial Level 2 AC chargers. These chargers are compatible with all plug in electric vehicles. They are also available in flexible charging configurations of 40 amp or 50 amp.

MaxiCharger Home 40amp chargers can be purchased as an In-Body Holster (or Separate Holster) with either a NEMA6-50 or NEMA14-50 plug. MaxiCharger Home 50amp is available in an In-Body Holster design and can be hard-wired. MaxiCharger Commercial Level 2 AC charger provides 50 amp flexible charging.

MaxiCharger’s features include:

1. Compatible with all EVs: J1772 standard charging port

2. 25-foot charging cable featuring an ergonomically designed charging connector

3. Level 2 (240V), charging with flexible amperage settings

4. NEMA =6-50, NEMA14-50 hard-wire or electrical plug options

5. NEMA 3R-rated indoor and outdoor for indoor and outdoors

6.LED lights to display charging status at a glance

7. Wireless Internet access is available for remote access to firmware updates and over-the air firmware upgrades

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8. Innovative software solutions: =The residential Smartphone App allows for scheduled charging and provides detailed charging analysis to ensure that you’re charging at the highest rates. Multi-layered portal for managing commercial chargers. This provides a turnkey solution to property and fleet managers, office workers, and commercial spaces.

“Autel is transitioning to the exciting new reality greener technologies. We are eager to use our almost 20 years of experience in the development of technologies that have drastically changed the way technicians fix vehicles as a foundation to research and develop new energy solutions,” stated Chloe Hung (CEO of Autel).

Visit www. or contact an authorized Autel dealer for more information about Autel EV chargers.

Autel U.S. is the U.S. affiliate of Shenzhen-based Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. It is a leader in developing and distributing professional automotive diagnostic products.

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