Prices For EVs Will Be Same As The Price Of Petrol Vehicles Within 1 Year In India – Nitin Gadkari

A file photo of Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Road Transport and Highways of India

According to the Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, the prices for all EVs will be the same as the price of petrol cars within one year in the country. Gadkari also stated that the government promotes ethanol made from crop residue and not petrol or diesel.

“I am trying…within a year, the price of electric vehicles will be equal to the cost of petrol cars in India and we will save money on fossil fuels,” he stated while speaking at an event.

Minister said that the government has already promoted green fuels in a large way. Gadkari pointed out that waterways are a more affordable mode of transport than roads and are expected to rise in popularity.

In spite of reports that Tesla, the US’s largest electric car manufacturer, has put off plans to sell in India, Nitin Gadkari, Union road transport minister, said that the government is against any company manufacturing cars in China and selling in India. 

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Gadkari stated that Indian car manufacturers have the ability to produce the best electric cars. It doesn’t matter whether one or two aren’t here. We explained to a company that selling cars in China is not possible if you manufacture them there. You can manufacture in India if you want to move here. I believe that Indian vehicle manufacturers are capable of making better vehicles than other countries. Our young designers are talented and doing better.

The minister admitted that he had listened to automobile manufacturers and decided to drop the proposal to require trucks to have air-conditioned cabins. “I agree that I listened to your suggestions and pulled the truck with an air-conditioned cabin. Drivers in other countries have fixed driving hours. They drive up to 18 hours here. He said that they drive in inhumane conditions.”


  1. Current high prices are on account of higher battery costs. . If the battery cost can be made a variable cost and Pay as you Drive , I.e Battery as a Service , many more will opt for it. Efforts should therefore be in this direction

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