NMC Submits Its Electric Vehicle Policy For Approval To State Government

parked auto rickshaw near building
Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) submits its electric vehicle (EV) policy for approval to the state government. It is anticipated that the NMC officials will receive around Rs 124 crore grant in the coming 5 years for EV promotion and adoption plans by the state government.

“We will get a grant of a little more than Rs 24 crore every year for the next five years from the state government for conversion to electric vehicles. We have already sent our EV policy to the state environment department for its approval,” said the officials.

“As per the policy, the NMC has decided to convert 10,000 petrol/diesel-based auto rickshaws to e-rickshaws. It costs around Rs 70,000 to convert each into an e-rickshaw,” added NMC officials.

The NMC will bear 50% of the cost or Rs 35,000 to retrofit rickshaws into electric ones and the remaining amount will have to be borne by the vehicle owner.

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NMC will also provide subsidies to autorickshaw owners for converting rickshaws. The officials will spend around Rs 35 crore to convert 10,000 rickshaws into electric in 5 years. NMC plans to set up Electric vehicle charging stations in 106 locations which it identified earlier.

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