EVgo and Cadillac Collaborates to Offer Unlimited Charging to It’s Costumers on EVgo Network


EVgo Inc is the nation’s most popular public fast-charging network for electric vehicles (EVs). It was also the first to be powered by 100% renewable electricity. Cadillac, the first General Motors brand to go all-electric in 2023, announced a new commercial deal to give drivers of the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ two years unlimited public fastcharging on EVgo’s network. Cadillac partnered with EVgo in order to create the special charging offer. This is part of the company’s efforts to make owning an EV more enjoyable.

Rory Harvey, Global Cadillac Vice President, stated that Cadillac’s launch of LYRIQ is a major step forward in luxury automobile manufacturing. We are partnering with EVgo to offer unlimited charging to our drivers. This will make it easier for customers to access convenient charging solutions, expand public charging and help drivers transition to electric.

Cadillac will offer eligible LYRIQ drivers 2 years unlimited charging on EVgo’s network, or a credit for installing a home charger. Cadillac joins EVgo as the leading luxury brand. This will allow customers to have greater access to charging infrastructure, further positioning Cadillac as a leader in electrification and a network-of choice for EV charging. EVgo’s growing charging network being powered by 100% renewable energy additionally punctuates Cadillac’s commitment to sustainability, while meaningfully adding to the EV experience for environmentally-conscious drivers.

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Cathy Zoi CEO of EVgo said, “An exciting new vehicle like the LYRIQ deserves an exciting new charging offer such as this one made possible through Cadillac working with EVgo Cadillac is demonstrating that it can be ahead of the curve in treating charging as a key component of the EV buying process from the beginning. We are thrilled to be a destination for LYRIQ drivers to charge their cars and to continue delivering the world-class, reliable experiences automakers must offer to their customers.”

Cadillac’s engagement builds on the broader collaboration between EVgo & GM. This includes plans to build 3,250 high powered DC fast charging stalls by 2025. This joint program will accelerate widespread EV adoption as well as increase public access for charging in current and future U.S. markets. EVgo’s public charging network is capable of charging all types of EVs at convenient locations that are easy to integrate into everyday life, such as grocery stores, shopping centers, retail locations, and many more. Collaborations with well-known brands in automotive, rideshare and fleet have enabled more than 325,000,000 electric miles.

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