Eavx and REE Automotive Join Hands to Introduce a New Electric Walk-In Van


EAVX, a subsidiary JB Poindexter & Co. (JBPCO), recently announced that the prototype for a fully electric walk-in van will be available for customer evaluation. This class 5 vehicle features the EAVX body design, powered by REE’s modular P7 platform. It is the first fully driveable walk-in van available.

The Detroit metro area will host several weeks of evaluations for the electric walk-in van. Pre-booked events will enable pipeline customers from delivery, logistics, and retail to test the vehicle and its innovative technology. They also have the opportunity to secure production capacity for the 2023 deliveries.

The new walk-in van body is an entirely new development. It will be displayed on the REE P7 platform for the first time, which was revealed in January 2022. It is designed to power class 3-5 vehicles up to 8,800 lbs and a range of 370 miles. The platform also includes all-wheel steering, all wheel drive and autonomous-ready capabilities. With the REEcorner(tm), modularity and design freedom, the vehicle offers unique benefits, efficiencies and flexibility that can easily be scaled across other applications and classes.

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Road testing has demonstrated the maturity of REE-EAVX’s next-generation modular walk in step van program for North American delivery markets. It was first announced in July 2021. EAVX is making progress in its mission to develop next generation EV and AV powered work trucks bodies and accessories. The prototype body will be unveiled shortly.

John Poindexter (CEO and Chairman of JBPCO) said, “This is an excellent confirmation of EAVX’s unprecedented offer to accelerate commercial vehicle electrification. Our new body is designed to fit all chassis. It will be the next generation walk-in van. This body leverages JBPCO’s long history of making durable and reliable work trucks and commercial vehicles bodies and accessories. We are delighted with our partnership with REE. This first prototype was mounted on a REE modular chassis. The REEcorner(tm) technology created the first electric vehicle. We can all work together to design and produce commercial electric fleets across all markets and sizes.”

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REE and EAVX are continuing to deliver on their joint promises from last year at a record pace. Daniel Barel (Co-Founder and CEO at REE), said that the on-road testing and success of our class 5 walk in van is a testimony to the strength of our EAVX partnership. We are eager for customers to see firsthand the unique benefits offered by the first x-by-wire vehicle with a Morgan Olson body. Powered and powered by REE, this is a step towards firm orders.

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