Merge Electric Fleet Solutions Associates with EV Connect for Fleet Deployment


Fleet electrification is now possible due to the attractive operating costs and the expanding range of EV options, EV Connect announced today a partnership with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions, a leading fleet finance and services company. This will ensure a smooth transition for fleet operators and owners as they electrify. EV Connect will grant Merge access its flexible and data-rich Fleet Management Platform, allowing them to interoperate equipment, understand real-world EV dynamics and ensure uptime for their fleet customers.

Merge’s president and CEO Glen Stancil stated that “Merge’s mission is to make fleet electrification easy, affordable, and scaleable by providing turn-key planning and deployment, operations, financial services, and financial services for fleet customers.” Merge will deliver seamless charging experiences to its fleet customers by combining our decades of EV expertise with EV Connect’s robust charge management software.

Merge offers companies a simple and cost-effective way to reduce emissions through fleet electrification. Merge’s unique services for electrification planning are built on an analytics platform that uses data to maximize economic and environmental benefits, while minimising operational risk. This ensures that fleets have a vehicle-level plan to meet measurable emissions and costs in pilot programs as well as full deployments. Merge works with fleet customers in all market segments including energy, home services, healthcare, and food and beverages.

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Jon Leicester, vice-president fleet at EV Connect, stated that Fleet charging is a more complicated, service-oriented business. Collaboration is crucial for its ultimate success. Merge has a long-term, comprehensive electrification strategy that sets fleets up to large-scale deployment and success. This aligns directly with EV Connect’s role as the digital connector between charging stations, vehicles, telematics and fleet management systems. As we work together to create a smooth transition for fleet electrification, we look forward to working alongside the Merge team.

EV Connect is the operator of one of North America’s largest charging station networks. It offers a charging network software platform that uses remote management and advanced analytics to ensure consistent and reliable charging site operation. The EV Connect Fleet Management Platform is an intuitive dashboard that combines data streams from different systems to track a vehicle’s state-of charge, ready time and other relevant telematics data. It also provides complete visibility into depot statistics, which can be used to balance operations, gain insights and provide user control. Owners and operators have access to everything at the lowest level and can manage various aspects of their fleets. This includes dynamic power allocation to maximize fleet readiness, real-time energy consumption, and lower total costs of ownership. The charging management software can be used for all uses, including home charging, public charging, and depot charging. It also has an API that allows data integration. EV Connect allows fleets to track energy and fuel time, notify managers of potential issues through real-time alarms, and also gives infrastructure owners the option to repurpose chargers for public use.

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