Electric Vehicle Sales Increased 139 Percent On Strength Of Mustang Mach-E And E-Transit In USA

Electric Vehicle Sales Increased 139 Percent On Strength Of Mustang Mach-E And E-Transit – First F-150 Lightnings Now Shipping To Dealers; Improved Inventory Flow Delivered April Share Gains Despite Semiconductor Chip Challenges; F-Series Deliveries Continue To Grow

Ford’s U.S. market share expands 1.0 percentage point on improved April dealer inventory flow, Ford’s April sales outperformed the industry with total share of 13.8 percent, while filling retail orders at record rates representing 50 percent of April’s retail sales.

New vehicles continue to gain momentum. New vehicles, including Bronco, Bronco Sport, Mustang Mach-E and Maverick, were up 17.9 percent relative to March, reporting their best monthly sales yet with 39,383 vehicles sold.

Sales of Ford electric vehicles increased 139 percent over last year on the strength of Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit sales, while the first shipments of all models of the all-new F-150 Lightning are underway. E-Transit sales increased 62.3 percent over March, while Mustang Mach-E had its best monthly sales performance since it was launched, with sales up 95.0 percent over last year.

F-Series sales increased in April, posting a gain of 14.7 percent over March on improved dealer inventory flow. F-Series gross stock totaled 83,000 vehicles at the end of April – the highest of any nameplate in the full-size pickup segment.

Overall, Ford’s truck sales grew 7.2 percent relative to March on the best Maverick monthly sales performance since launch. Maverick sales increased 9.7 percent from March while turning on dealer lots in just 4 days.

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Ford brand SUVs achieved a new April monthly sales record. Bronco and Bronco family (including Bronco Sport) hit their best sales results since launch. Ford’s newest vehicles continue to conquest at a high rate of 70 percent.

Buyers of Ford’s newest vehicles are customizing them at unprecedented rates; for the first quarter, winches and off-road lighting kits continue to be among the most popular for Bronco customers, while Maverick owners are choosing Ford lighting kits for their truck beds.

“While industry semiconductor chip shortages persist, improved inventory flow in April delivered a significant share gain of 1.0 percentage point over a year ago with Ford outperforming the industry. Inventory flow bolstered stronger F-Series, Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit and record April Ford brand SUV sales. We are now shipping all models of the electric F-150 Lightning,” Andrew Frick, vice president, of Sales, Distribution & Trucks.

As the world’s No. 1 seller of commercial vans, Ford’s all-new electric E-Transit sales were up 62.3 percent in April over March. With a total of 1,575 E-Transits sold this year in the U.S., ETransit has outsold the combined sales of other commercial electric vans, which totaled 42
vehicles through April.

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With improved inventory flow, Mustang Mach-E sales increased 61.0 percent over March and 95.0 percent over last year, with Mustang
Mach-E having its best sales month since launch. Through April, Mustang Mach-E sales totaled 10,539 vehicles placing it second only
to Tesla Model Y in electric SUV sales.

F-Series sales increased 14.7 percent over March, while one of Ford’s hottest new products, the Maverick, increased sales by 9.7 percent.
Maverick delivered its best sales performance since its launch with 9,537 pickups sold. Maverick is Ford’s top hybrid sales performer with 48.2 percent of Maverick sales coming from a hybrid.

Ford’s newest products, Mustang Mach-E, Bronco Sport, Bronco and Maverick, are currently conquesting at a rate of 70 percent. Ford SUVs set a new April sales record with 83,551 SUVs sold, up 13.2 percent from March and 3.9 percent over last year. The Bronco family – Bronco and Bronco Sport – had its best sales performance since its launch totaling 26,041 SUVs in April.

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On improved dealer stock levels, Lincoln sales increased 23.7 percent over March, with Nautilus having its best April sales month in 12 years. Corsair produced a new April sales record on sales of 2,855. Lincoln’s new Navigator has arrived at dealer showrooms and expanded its sales by 17.9 percent over the last month. New Navigator sales continue to improve with growing dealer stock levels.

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