Kia To Bring Strategy For EV In India Next Year

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Kia is planning to bring a detailed strategy for launching electric vehicles in the Indian market in 2022. Kia recently released Carens, its new model, and is now working on a final blueprint.

“Currently, we are studying because there are multiple factors…like pricing, range, charging infrastructure. So we are looking at all the multiple angles and somewhere next year we will announce our EV strategy,” Kia India Vice-President and Head (Sales and Marketing) Hardeep Singh Brar said.

“We will be closing this year at around 2.25 lakh units, domestic and exports put together. And next year our plan is to sell 3 lakh units,” he stated.

“If we look at the industry this year, it would be around 30 lakh units and next year it should be 33-34 lakh so 15 percent of this would be 4.5 lakh units this year and maybe one lakh more in 2022. So that is a big enough space to be in,” he stated.

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Mr. Brar said that the chip shortage is going to get better in the coming year. The company is working on fast manufacturing and reducing the waiting durations.

“The waiting period for Seltos is four months right now. Hopefully, next year we will be producing more,” Brar said.

The company has seen a 20% cancellation of bookings due to the long waiting periods. Kia also plans to have around 400 touch points in 225 cities in 2022. Currently, the company has 339 touchpoints in 198 cities.

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