Connecticut Officials Honored EVgo As One Of The National EV Charging Network


Connecticut officials and Greater New Haven Clean Cities, a U.S. Department of Energy designated market transformation organization, honored two national electric vehicle charging providers and two national real estate companies for making high-speed, long-distance charging available for the growing number of electric vehicle drivers on I-91 and I-95.

Brixmor Property Group, Electrify America, EVgo, and National Realty & Development Corp. (NRDC) were awarded recognition as Connecticut Clean Communities Leaders for their contributions to cleaning Connecticut’s air, protecting our shoreline, and helping reduce respiratory disease through the advancement of our electric transportation network.

“For the last hundred years, gasoline and diesel fueled extraordinary progress in our country, but at a cost to the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the shoreline we enjoy,” explained Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coordinator Paul Wessel. “Fortunately, we’ve realized that electric vehicles deliver even better mobility at a much lower impact to the world around us.”

“Our cars and trucks are Connecticut’s single largest source of emissions that pollute our air and increase the severity of asthma and other respiratory diseases,” adds Dr. SanjiNv Godse, a pediatrician and pulmonologist at the Yale School of Medicine. “These emissions contribute to global warming-related disease that contributed to 300,000 deaths among people older than 65 in 2018 – and billions of lost work hours. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will drive those numbers down dramatically.”

“EVs’ instant torque and seamless acceleration make them exciting to drive,” remarked Ronek Patel, who is on his second EV while crisscrossing the state promoting vaccines for Pfizer. “That I get race-car-like acceleration while reducing my carbon footprint is a dream come true. And electricity is the only transportation fuel that will get greener over time.”

“Partnering with Electrify America and EVgo has equipped us to better support our communities as the need for fast chargers continues to grow with more people switching to electric vehicles,” said Daren Moss, Senior Vice President of Operations & Sustainability for Brixmor Property Group. “We are on track to install EV charging stations at 25% of our properties by 2025 as part of our stated ESG goals outlined in the company’s Corporate Responsibility Report.”

“EVgo’s 100% renewable network provides zero emission charging in the right places, empowering drivers to charge faster and go further,” said Colin Murchie, Senior Director of Business Development at EVgo. “We are proud to provide convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging in the state of Connecticut and across the U.S.”

“We celebrate Brixmor, Electrify America, EVgo, and NRDC’s 9 fast-charge stations here In North Haven for making long-distance EV travel easier,” commented Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney. “Their leadership sends a message to Connecticut’s legislators, regulators, and administration about the importance of public policy that encourages citizens and businesses to adopt smarter and cleaner ways of getting around.”

“On behalf of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), I commend the organizations, electric vehicle charging providers and businesses recognized here today for serving as an example of the types of transformative partnerships that can advance the state’s goals of decarbonizing the transportation sector,” said Marissa P. Gillett, PURA Chairman. “PURA is committed to supporting efforts like these so that we can seamlessly integrate EV technologies into the electric grid across Connecticut.”

Electrify America’s four fast chargers are located at Brixmor’s North Haven Crossing, 410 Universal Drive, near Dollar Tree and the Bank of America kiosk. EVgo’s five fast chargers are by Michael’s and Target at NRDS’s 100 Universal Drive site. Both are just off Exit 9 of I-91 in North Haven.

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