Omega Seiki Partners With Exicom Telesystems For Li-ion Batteries For Electric Vehicles

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Omega Seiki Mobility announced that it has entered into a partnership with Exicom Tele-systems for lithium-ion batteries for its electric cargo vehicles. With this, the company would receive Exicom’s recently launched 10.8 kW fixed batteries. These batteries give a range of 120 kms on full charge and added features of real time battery analytics, long cycle life, high environment protection and very rugged design.

In a statement, Omega Seiki Mobility founder and Chairman Uday Narang said – 

“The company believes that the way to develop faster EV vehicle technology is through creating alliances. This partnership is giving new hopes for the future of the EV ecosystem in India.” 

He also added that Exicom Tele-system’s Li-ion batteries are for all types of vehicles with technology that is global, cost which is affordable and quality that is world class.

Anant Nahata, Exicom Group Managing Director said that the tie up would benefit customers by offering reliability and consistency of performance that they are looking for.

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