EV Connect Launches ‘EV Connect Shield’ Program For Charging Providers

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Built on the success of the Company’s Partner Program, EV Connect announced the launch of its premium warranty offering, EV Connect Shield program, to allow charging providers to experience hassle-free EV charging stations and charging network ownership and operations. The comprehensive plan bundles all of the EV charging station’s critical operational and maintenance aspects, including station hardware, software support, and fieldwork labor, to resolve technical issues, including parts sourcing and replacement.

Successful EV charging includes technical and logistical issues in both the hardware and software domains. When problems arise, the EV Connect Shield relieves charging providers of the burden of detecting, diagnosing, and resolving issues themselves. EV Connect Shield customers will have the peace of mind of being backed by a premium warranty that includes field support and parts directly from the manufacturer. The package adds an essential layer of protection incremental to the complete driver support on a 24/7 basis, and national customers everage these benefits to ensure driver satisfaction through industry-leading charging station uptime.

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“With more than ten years of hands-on EV charging experience, we’ve built a network of trusted partners, and the EV Connect Shield program is designed to extend the benefits of that trust to our customers,” said Daniel Bryant, Director of Customer Support at EV Connect. “This program is an important element of our mission to simplify EV charging for all by providing an all-encompassing, hassle-free program and becoming the go-to company for all EV charging needs.”

To deliver consistent service and reliable charging station performance, EV Connect Shield customers will have the option to proactively fix problems remotely whenever possible. If needed, EV Connect will deploy hands-on labor dispatch within forty-eight hours to repair or replace the charging equipment. EV Connect offers transparency on coordinating and covering the cost of technician labor, OEM parts, or a complete replacement of the charging station if needed. EV Connect’s warranty solution provides economic benefits by protecting its customers’ return on investment by assuring charging station performance. And when there is a problem that requires a technician to visit the station in the field – the customer is completely covered and has no out-of-pocket expenses.

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EV Connect Shield is currently available to all California and Arizona municipality, multifamily, and small- and medium-sized business customers, including resellers, who have purchased L2 stations from EV Connect’s gold partners: BTC, EVBox, EvoCharge, and PowerCharge. The program will subsequently expand to the northeast and the rest of the U.S. before the end of the year.

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