Maharashtra announces Coalition with Climate Group’s EV100 Campaign


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In a recent news, Maharashtra announced its coalition with Climate Group’s EV100 campaign. This comes under the state’s new EV Policy to assist EV deployment targets. For fastening the electrification of their vehicular fleets, companies in the west are itched to set targets aligned with EV100.

EV100 is a business-focused climate initiative. By 2030, 100% electrification is the target set while transitioning from polluting internal combustion engines vehicles. The coalition is guided by the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Maharashtra.

By 2025, it is aimed that new registration must have at least 10% battery operated electric vehicles with reference to Maharashtra’s new EV Policy 2021. The new policy comes with economic incentives (especially for those who are under FAME 2) to magnify EV purchase for both commercial and personal use. In addition, the state has set targets for electrifying government vehicles and 15% of Maharashtra’s state-run road transport corporation’s existing bus fleet. All the new EVs are exempted from road tax and registration fees under the policy.

Aaditya Thackeray, Minister of Environment of Government of Maharashtra, said: “Investing in a clean transport system is an essential part of our State Climate Action Plan. With the revised EV Policy, we want to engage early on with the most important stakeholder – businesses. The EV100 partnership aims to build a robust demand for EVs that can enable key linkages for the vibrant business community in Maharashtra, and support the faster uptake of the policy. As the first Indian state to partner with EV100, we want to take the lead in driving corporate EV demand and encourage fellow states as well towards catalysing a pan India EV revolution.”

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India Executive Director of Climate Group, Divya Sharma, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with the Maharashtra government. Their EV policy provides a strong signal and framework to build a clean vehicle future for one of the largest states in the country. We urge businesses in Maharashtra to utilise the incentives offered by the state and join EV100 to drive 100% fleet transition by 2030. Companies should set interim targets aligned with the state’s EV policy to accelerate electric mobility.”

By 2025, Maharashtra’s EV policy targets to achieve 25% electrification of last-mile delivery vehicles. Delivery & logistics players, E-commerce companies, and mobility aggregators will submit EV transition plans to the state’s transport department in six months from the day of notification of the policy. According to Climate Group and SYSTEMIQ research (Fleets First study), the majority of the EVs driven today worldwide are privately-owned passenger vehicles, whereas only 11% of EVs are part of fleets. Focussing on fleets can result in faster electrification and accelerate infrastructure simultaneously.

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CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA India, Peter Betzel, said, “IKEA India welcomes the new EV policy of Maharashtra and their partnership with EV100. This comprehensive policy with multiple incentives and targets including for urban last mile freight will enable businesses and many people to adopt EVs faster. It is also encouraging to note the emphasis on skill building that would help build a robust support ecosystem for EVs. IKEA is committed to being people and planet positive and this is integrated into our business. By 2025, we aim to achieve 100% customer deliveries and services by EVs. We are happy to partner with the Government of Maharashtra in its objectives on mobility transition and enabling a sustainable future.” 

IKEA is a member of the EV100 campaign. Companies with strong EV targets will also support Maharashtra as it move closer towards climate commitment and action, leading to COP26. The EV100 partnership will support early-mover companies to shape government policy by sharing their experiences and recommendations.

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Moreover, Maharashtra will inspect the feasibility of a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) programme.

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