EV Connect Expands Charging Network And Its Footprint In Canada

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One of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in North America, EV Connect, announced that the Company will migrate most MyEVroute Network customers to the EV Connect Network in the coming months. Previously owned and managed by Koben Systems Inc., MyEVRoute Network customers will benefit from EV Connect’s trademark ability to simplify the set-up, management, and optimization of EV charging with premium driver support.

EV Connect ULC offers an integrated EV charging platform with advanced machine learning hardware diagnostics, grid management, and driver support to serve charging hosts, network operators, and fleet managers. As part of the MyEVroute migration, EV Connect has agreed to transition approximately 200 EV charging stations to the EV Connect Network and take over operations and maintenance support for those stations. Former MyEVroute Network charging hosts will be given access to EV Connect Management Software, and the Company is working with charging hosts to provide service and maintenance on qualified equipment. 

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“Addressing climate change and reducing our carbon footprint has been a top priority for our city,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “We are excited to welcome companies like EV Connect to the region as we evolve our electric vehicle charging infrastructure and continue to build up an environmentally friendly city.”

To ensure a smooth transition over to the EV Connect network with minimal service interruptions, EV Connect has begun collaborating with many of the former Koben Systems charging hosts in Canada, including parking lot operators, nationwide banking, hospitality, and real-estate companies, community centers, and more. EV Connect is also establishing relationships with Canadian resellers such as OZZ Electric and Signature Electric, among others. EV Connect is supported by Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses to expand into the Toronto Region, the Government of Ontario’s Trade and Investment Office in California, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

“Acquiring the MyEVroute Network is the first step to a big commitment to Ontario and Canada,” said Patrick Macdonald-King, Chief Operating Officer of EV Connect. “EV Connect is thrilled about our Canadian expansion, and we look forward to scaling charging infrastructure to support Canada’s decarbonization goals fully.”

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