U.S Based Lithium for Next Generation EV Batteries-General Motors

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lithium is a matter which is important for electric vehicle batteries, General Motors plans to make it more affordable. Relationship between general motors and CTR is expected to accelerate the adoption of lithium extraction methods that cause less to the environment. As an anticipated part of its $35 billion global commitment to EV’s and autonomous vehicles, general motors will be the first company to make a multi-million dollar investment in CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen project. As the first investor general motors will have first rights on lithium produced by the first stage of the Hell’s Kitchen project including an option for a multi-year relationship.

Lithium is critical to battery production and will only become more important as consumer adoption of EVS increases and it accelerate towards all electric future. Electric vehicles while also helping to imitate environmental impact and bring more low cost lithium to the market as a whole. General motors looks forward to working with CTR, in addition to state and local leaders, in achieving these goals.

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Batteries will remain one of the largest cost drivers of EV’s. Lithium is a key battery material used in the cathodes and electrolytes of general motors electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. Lithium will become even more important in battery use as general motors explores lithium metal batteries with protected and anode. Most lithium used in lithium ion batteries is currently mined and processed outside of the U.S.

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