Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Appoints Chief Transformation Officer


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Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Announced the creation of the Transformation Management Office and the new position will be of a “Chief Transformation Officer”. The transformation management office will be responsible for driving transformational topics and strategic initiatives, especially related to internal business process, external partnerships, particularly related to digitalization and company culture.

Mr. Chulanga Perera, CIO, DICV, will lead the TMO as ” Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Strategy” in a dual role unit. The transformation office consists of 40 staff will be responsible for make sure strategic transformation company wide. TMO will focus on four target areas:

1) Scaling business offerings: To make sure the business growth across various verticals like R&D, Supply chain management, Information of Technology, Finance & Controlling, Customer service.

2) Enhancing customer service: To enhance digital services through connected vehicles and other platforms, align business services and delivery methods as per customer needs and Market situations.

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3) Steering digital transformation: By implementing use cases across DICV to steer digital landscape of the organization, enabling data driven decision making through analytics, measuring the company’s ability to go digital and increasing Employee availability for added value tasks.

4) Beyond Truck, Servitization and Partnerships: By commercializing new ideas drive maximum synergies, forming strategic partnerships, initiating growth, and facilitating management changes while developing the company’s strategic initiatives.

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