While Our Business Took A 35% Hit At The Start Of The Pandemic, We Reached Pre-Covid Levels Within A Month And Completed Over 1 Lakh Deliveries In Delhi-NCR, Seeing An Almost 170-200% Increase In Demand, Saurav Kumar, Euler Motors


EMobility+ interviewed Mr. Saurav Kumar, Founder & CEO, Euler Motors and found out
about the company’s EV journey, business under Covid, how the company has been successful in providing last mile delivery solutions and future expansion plans.

How has the business been under COVID? Any key learnings?

2020 was unparalleled for not just us, but the overall industry. The ecommerce companies piloting with us saw a 15-20% increase in their sales, and our vehicles were
supporting their doorstep deliveries round the clock, seven days a week. Between March and December 2020, our vehicles clocked about five lakhs+ deliveries in Delhi/NCR and
serviced over 2.5 lakh+ customers. Moreover, our vehicles were able to reduce the carbon emissions to over 200 tonnes.

While our business took a 35% hit at the start of the pandemic outbreak, we reached pre-COVID levels within a month and completed over 1 Lakh deliveries in Delhi-NCR, seeing an almost 170-200% increase in demand.

What are your future plans on expanding further beyond the NCR region for the upcoming year?

Our first electric three-wheeler is set for a market launch in Q1 Our priority will be to scale up production to meet the demands in the electric three wheeler segment markets.

We want to expand our market reach with cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and
Chennai . With our new vehicles, we want to expand our existing customer base and
target new sectors such as fashion, retail , FMCG, pharma, and utility.

According to you, what are the benefits of using EVs for the last mile delivery?

Electric vehicles in the last mile delivery is a win-win solution for businesses and society.
The lower TCOs and operating costs make them an attractive choice, a trend that has
seen an uptick in the last few years. A commercial electric vehicle operates on 1/6th of the running cost of a petrol/ diesel fueled vehicle, bringing financial benefits for companies. It also helps to minimize pollution from carbon tailpipes by 13 tons per 100 km.

Read the full interview here: https://emobilityplus.com/2021/03/09/emobility-india-jan-2021-magazine/

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