eMatrixmile And Magenta Sign An MoU To Develop 10,000 EV Charging Infrastructure For EV Vehicles

two white and red tesla charging station
Photo by Chad Russell on Pexels.com

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), has been signed between eMatrixmile India Pvt Ltd and Magenta EV Solutions Private Limited for installation and commissioning of ‘QYK POD’ charging stations with associated infrastructure & stations in Mumbai, MMR and Maharashtra region. The alliance comes in the framework to install around 10,000 electric charging stations across India in sustained phases. Aiming to create greater synergy between the two organizations and to provide electric charging infrastructure initially in the Mumbai, MMR and Maharashtra region and later on a nationwide level.

With the vision to empower the people across the nation and to create a model shift in the electric mobility industry by making, the urban commute more efficient and eco-friendlier. eMatrixmile has launched QYK POD technology-driven mobility platform that enables Integrated Urban Mobility across public and private modes of transport with the help of Micro Mobility Vehicles (MMVs) a user-friendly mobile app enabling first and last-mile connectivity that is seamless, shared, and sustainable.

eMatrixmile a Mumbai-based company envisioning to provide sustainable and on-demand transportation solutions through its Rental EV scooters – QYK, a business model redefining smooth, shareable mobility options. The company aspires to be the nation’s largest Dock Station Mobility Company and will be providing a multi-model fleet of classic electric scooters, electric bicycle, electric auto rickshaws network to more than 50 cities by the year 2021.

The company statement read as “eMatrixmile is focused on growing the EV Charging infrastructure in India. The MoU signed will help us to achieve our mission and help us grow in the long run by bringing the right solutions together i.e. the amalgamation of the technological prowess of the Magenta team along with our business models. This is our first step towards deploying innovative EV solution and we look forward to developing a sustainable ecosystem with our business partners”

Magenta is a pioneering company in the EV charging technology backed by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Shell, and Microsoft. They provide ‘socket-to-software’ solutions for EV charging and have been the first-timers to bring in product and technology innovation in EV space like ChargeGrid Flare (A streetlamp integrated EV charger) and ChargeGrid Series for private, public, and community use)

Mr. Maxson Lewis, MD of Magenta, said: “In eMatrixmile, we found a company which was as aggressive as ours in deploying charging infrastructure. This EV industry requires a collaborative approach and we are happy to announce this agreement with eMatrixmile India Pvt Ltd.”

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