U.S. Fleets Are Going Electric with EVBox and Momentum Groups Partnership


EVBox, the leading global provider of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, is partnering with fleet management company Momentum Groups. This strategic partnership allows for a seamless transition to electric fleet vehicles by providing flexible EV fleet bundles and charging management solutions for customers to choose from.

Fleet service provider Momentum Groups and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions company EVBox are announcing a strategic partnership to help fleets across the United States accelerate the shift toward electric transportation. Through this partnership, these organizations will be able to draw from each other’s decade-plus of industry experience to create comprehensive EV fleet packages that are easy to customize, implement, and scale up. The goal: to make it simple and affordable for fleets to start the process of converting to a more sustainable, reliable, and enjoyable type of transportation.

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Fleets looking to electrify will now be able to easily create an end-to-end EV solution that fits their needs—complete with strategic support and financing for their new electric vehicles, and developing the ideal EV charging setup for their locations. With a newly signed letter of intent from Momentum Groups to purchase 900 brand-new EV Endurance Trucks from Lordstown Motors, and EVBox‘s complete portfolio of commercial Level 2 and DC fast-charging stations, Momentum Groups and EVBox are equipped with the knowledge and resources to effectively realize the electrification goals of nearly any fleet.

“Momentum Groups is a customer-centric, flexible fleet company that is focusing on the electrification of vehicles and trucks in the United States. EVBox is proud to partner with this organization as we look to provide their clients with EV charging infrastructure to support electric fleets now and in the future” said Karen Peck (Regional Sales Director – East at EVBox North America)

Future-proofed and scalable fleet solutions
Fleet solutions designed by Momentum Groups and EVBox will not only be curated to meet each customer’s specific automotive needs, but will also be future-proofed and scalable. Smart charging functionality ensures every charging station installed will make the most efficient use of the available energy, regardless of how many concurrent sessions are active. A commitment to interoperability through the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) promises that all EV charging equipment can be reconfigured to operate on the network software of choice at any time—no vendor-lock or stranded assets. With Momentum Groups and EVBox, the fleet electrification process is designed to match the needs of any size of business and is ready to grow with it.

“We’re very excited to partner with EVBox—an EV charging organization that has consulting and manufacturing boots on the ground right here in the U.S. We’re also looking forward to the availability of fleet EVs coming soon, as they eliminate fueling time, drastically reduce maintenance downtime, and shatter previous overall cost of ownership… all without damaging our environment.” said Jack Pyros (President of Momentum Groups)

Why fleets are going electric
Vehicles are the backbone of every fleet, so it makes sense that they should be the most reliable and efficient option available. With EVs, fueling costs are greatly reduced (saving upward of $9,000/vehicle every five years), as is maintenance spend. Fewer moving parts bring less wear and tear, and no fluids to replace results in a major reduction in preventive maintenance.

Electric fleets are more efficient on the road
EVs are also more efficient on the road than gas fleet vehicles. Standard cars waste energy while idling; EVs don’t. EVs eliminate fuel wasted in stop-and-start driving conditions for most fleet vehicles—they even add a whole new way of recharging with regenerative braking. In addition, with the vehicle charging taking place at fleet facilities, time wasted from mid-trip fill-ups is removed and drivers no longer need to worry about reimbursement for gas costs.

Beyond all these reasons, EV additions to fleets are the best way to showcase an organization’s commitment to sustainability. Electric fleet vehicles let everyone who sees them know that an organization is committed to providing a healthier future for all.

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