Solectrac awarded ‘World Alliance’s Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label’

Quiet zero emission power in the field - The eUtility tractor can be charged from renewable energy or the electrical grid.

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Solectrac is proud to announce another milestone in its pursuit of creating innovative solutions to Climate Change with its zero emission electric tractors.

Steve Heckeroth, CEO and Founder of this first to market North American electric tractor company stated that, they were very excited to announce that Solectrac had been awarded the World Alliance’s Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label! Solectrac’s electric tractors were a sound solution to some of the planet’s great challenges.

Solectrac, located in Northern California, manufactures and distributes 100% battery powered electric tractors that can be charged from the utility grid or renewable energy. The company offers 2 models in the 40 HP and under category, the most widely used size in the US.

Since the company was located in wine country and many of the wineries were concerned about their environmental impact, but typically used larger diesel machines, the company was developing a 70 HP electric vineyard tractor next, added Heckeroth. 

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The Solar Impulse Foundation is an organization “boosting the adoption of profitable solutions to protect the environment.” In addition to engaging with government, institutions and decision makers, the Foundation is soliciting and labeling 1000 of the most efficient and profitable solutions that will help transition society into an economically viable and environmentally sustainable future. Solectrac has now joined their ranks with its quiet, powerful and low maintenance electric tractors.

There are currently over 600 recipients worldwide that have received the World Alliance’s label. Proposals are assessed by independent experts in a rigorous assessment process that considers credibility of concept, scalability, profitability, and environmental and economic benefits.  The Foundations’ Chair, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, co-piloted the Solar Impulse, a solar powered airplane around the world in 2016. Piccard is envisioning that, “ecology through the lens of profitability.” Patrons of the Foundation include former Vice President Al Gore and British Business Magnate Richard Branson.

As a California Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, Solectrac’s mission was to use business as a force for good, commented Heather Paulson, COO. Heckeroth added that, the company knew that the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label would bring awareness about their technology and the great potential it provided to grow food and maintain their built environment without causing harm to people or the planet. 

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Solectrac is in the final month of an equity crowdfunding campaign to increase production, lower costs and meet the demand for its powerful electric tractors.

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