Giant Food to offer free electric charging services to shoppers and communities


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Giant Food, the leading greater Washington D.C. regional grocery chain, has begun to install electric vehicle charging stations that are free to use for EV drivers at select locations across Washington, D.C, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Working with Volta, the industry leader in electric vehicle charging networks, installation of 60 EV charging stations will be completed by the end of 2020, and 200 are expected to be installed by mid 2021 as part of Giant’s sustainability initiative.

All stores launched will offer two Volta charging stations, featuring Volta’s signature, high-resolution, two-sided 55-inch high-definition displays. Screens will serve as a point of shopper engagement, sharing featured in-store specials and promotions for Giant loyalty shoppers.   

Ira Kress, President of Giant Food stated that, providing their shoppers and communities free electric charging services was a part of Giant’s larger sustainability efforts. They were excited to offer their customers who opted for electric cars, the satisfaction of quick and free charging while they shopped.It was a value for their shoppers which also benefited the environment.

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Electric Vehicles are often considered to be one of the most sustainable forms of transportation. The installation of the eco-friendly charging stations is another milestone for the brand in its mission around sustainable retailing, specifically around cleaner transportation and energy. This reduction of greenhouse gases further Giant Food’s environmental sustainability efforts.

Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO, Volta stated that, they were proud to have been selected as the preferred provider of electric vehicle charging stations by Giant Food, a company whose commitment to a sustainable future aligns well with Volta’s mission. They would be working with Giant to deliver a seamless charging experience to their growing number of forward-thinking shoppers.

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