EVBox Launches The Next Generation Of Electric Vehicle (EV) Ultra-Fast Chargers At CES 2020

Left: EVBox Troniq 100, Right: EVBox Ultroniq

2020 is not only the beginning of a new decade, but a year that marks an extended period of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. An increase in EVs entering the market and a change in people’s mindset have contributed to this transition. This change means that drivers will want to be able to charge everywhere—whether it’s at home, at a workplace, at the supermarket, outside a restaurant, or on long journeys at highway rest stops. The need for fast and ultra-fast chargers is inevitable. 

EVBox is constantly working on its innovations in relevant segments such as retail and fuel stations, so that it can help fulfill the increasing demand for quick and flexible charging. The renovating Bordeaus factory, that re-opened in November 2019, enables EVBox to increase production of fast and ultra-fast chargers by up to 450 units per month, and invest steadily in research and development dedicated to exploring new technologies such as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid).

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Introducing the fast charger EVBox Troniq 100 and ultra-fast charger EVBox Ultroniq

At CES 2020, Las Vegas, EVBox is introducing its fast charger EVBox Troniq 100 and the redesign of the HPC, ultra-fast charger Ultroniq. With the exponential increase of EVs with higher charging capability, EVBox Troniq 100 was developed with the end-user in mind, in order to provide 100 kW charging and to ensure high reliability. High performance components allow maximum power to be delivered at all times.

The EVBox Ultroniq offers ultra-fast charging with a powerful output of up to 350 kW—its modular configurations of different units assure compatibility for every use case across the world. The robust design will maintain optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions at any location, and the larger integrated touch screen makes it easy for the EV driver to interact with the station.

Both charging stations ensure an outstanding customer experience as a result of improved cable management with retractable and enduring cables, colorful LED lights to guide the user, and wheelchair accessibility.

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Key features of EVBox Troniq 100 and EVBox Ultroniq

·       Full power continuously, distributed efficiently (200 A full power with EVBox Troniq 100 and 500 A full power with EVBox Ultroniq)

·       Load balancing to make the most efficient use of available power

·       Training and certification to partners for installations

·       Support with on-site commissioning to ensure a smooth start

·       Auto-retractable cables to increase their longevity

·       Larger touch screen for easy use

·       Stations are designed to be accessible to everyone (wheelchair adapted)

EVBox Troniq 100 will become available globally by Q2 2020, and EVBox Ultroniq by Q3 2020.

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