SNM Cabs And Terra Charge Set To Transform Electric Cab Charging In Pune


Terra Charge, a prominent EV Charging Infrastructure company, has joined forces with SNM Cabs, an electric ride-hailing service, to establish a specialized EV charging hub with 11 efficient chargers near Pune airport.

This collaboration aims to provide dedicated charging infrastructure for SNM’s electric cab fleet, ensuring seamless access to charging, reducing downtime, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The strategic location of the charging station ensures uninterrupted operations for SNM’s electric fleet, with plans to add four more hubs by March 2024.

The partnership aligns with Terra Charge’s goal of installing 800 to 1,000 charge points by March 2024, fostering EV adoption and improving charging infrastructure in Pune and beyond.

Akihiro Ueda, CEO of Terra Motors Charging Solution Private Limited, expresses optimism about the collaboration and anticipates contributing to the growth of EV adoption in India through this initiative.

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