BYD | RIDE Battery-Electric School Buses Awarded the California DGS Contract


BYD | RIDE has announced that its Type A and Type D school buses have been added to the California Department of General Services (DGS) statewide electric school bus contract. Customers interested in adding a zero-emission BYD | RIDE to their fleets can purchase directly from the contract without releasing their own request for proposal (RFP).

The California DGS is an umbrella contract with no guaranteed purchase amount. It can act as a master contract with a base period of two years with options to extend three additional one-year periods.

“BYD | RIDE is thrilled that our battery-electric school buses, the Achiever (Type A) and the Dreamer (Type D), are eligible for the California DGS Contract,” said Patrick Duan, BYD | RIDE Senior Vice President. “We look forward to providing zero-emission solutions to school districts throughout California and helping reduce emissions on the road.”

The Achiever, RIDE’s battery-electric Type A school bus, can seat up to 30 passengers and has a battery capacity of 141 kWh while the Dreamer, its zero-emission Type D school bus, can seat up to 84 passengers and has a battery capacity of 230 kWh. A Type C model will be coming soon. All RIDE buses are equipped with the industry’s safest battery, which comes with a 12-year warranty and may include ADA compliant wheelchair positions.

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The buses are purpose-built by members of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART) Workers Union, Local 105, at the BYD | RIDE Coach and Bus Facility located in Lancaster, CA.

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