Continental Assists Fleets in Getting Ready for EU Taxonomy Compliance


Continental, a renowned tire manufacturer, has unveiled a new information portal designed to help transport fleets in the logistics industry prepare for the EU Taxonomy requirements. The portal offers extensive information and guidance, including an explanatory video, to assist companies in understanding and complying with the EU Taxonomy, a classification system aimed at promoting environmentally sustainable economic activities.

Key Points:

  • EU Taxonomy Guidelines: Introduced under the Green Deal and the EU’s ‘action plan on financing sustainable growth,’ the EU Taxonomy is a vital tool to guide investments towards environmentally friendly activities. It provides transparency, enabling customers and investors to make informed decisions and directs funds toward sustainable economic initiatives.
  • Focus on Transport Sector: The EU Taxonomy particularly emphasizes climate action and reduction of carbon emissions. Transport companies, responsible for a significant portion of CO2 emissions in the EU, can adopt measures such as investing in low-emission or zero-emission drive systems and energy-efficient tires to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Continental’s Support: Continental’s information portal not only explains the EU Taxonomy regulations but also provides valuable insights into compliant products, including those meeting the tire label standards. The company’s customer advisors offer personalized advice to fleet operators, ensuring they choose products that align with the Taxonomy requirements.
  • Competitive Advantage: Transport companies that proactively align their fleets with the EU Taxonomy gain a competitive edge. Their reduced carbon footprint can be highlighted as a selling point, particularly when dealing with clients obliged to adhere to Taxonomy reporting. Investments in energy-efficient vehicles, including tires, result in long-term cost savings due to reduced fuel consumption.
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