Gear Head Motors Launches A-Series Electric Cycle In India

A file photo of Gear Head Motors' L Series electric cycle

Hyderabad’s Gear Head Motors (GHM) has introduced the A-Series electric cycle, slated for a December 2023 market release. GHM positions itself as a trailblazer in the electric cycling revolution set to transform India’s bicycle industry.

The electric cycle lineup from GHM targets various customer segments, from urban commuters seeking practicality to adventure enthusiasts in search of excitement.

The company is committed to local manufacturing and in-house technology development, significantly reducing imported components, with over 80% of e-cycle parts produced locally.

Nikhil Gunda, Co-Founder & CEO of Gear Head Motors, emphasizes the company’s mission to provide an affordable electric cycle that promotes sustainable mobility, blending sophistication, cost-effectiveness, and eco-consciousness into a unified offering.

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