TORK Motors and Bolt.Earth Collaborate to Enhance Customer Access to Charging Infrastructure


In a significant development, TORK Motors, the pioneering electric motorcycle manufacturer in India, has teamed up with Bolt.Earth, the country’s leading EV software and charging infrastructure provider. This strategic alliance aims to enhance accessibility to charging points for TORK Motors’ customers. As part of this collaboration, existing TORK Motors customers will gain access to Bolt.Earth’s extensive network comprising over 30,000 charging points.

The partnership focuses on offering TORK customers the flexibility to locate charging stations conveniently, catering to their individual preferences. Bolt.Earth, operating across 1100+ cities in India, will extend its network to TORK Kratos R riders nationwide.

Both TORK Motors and Bolt.Earth are integral members of the Bharat Charge Alliance, working towards providing interoperable DC charging infrastructure for Light EVs. This joint effort is expected to facilitate hassle-free charging experiences for KRATOS-R owners, enabling them to charge their electric motorcycles effortlessly while on the move.

These newly accessible charging points will be seamlessly integrated into TORK’s existing mobile app, eliminating the need for users to download multiple applications to find charging locations.

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Commenting on this significant partnership, Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO of TORK Motors, emphasized the initiative’s impact on curbing charging and range anxiety among electric vehicle adopters. He expressed confidence that this collaboration would enhance customer satisfaction and encourage more individuals to join the growing TORK family.

Raghav Bhardwaj, Head of Strategy and Leadership at Bolt.Earth, highlighted the alignment of this initiative with Bolt.Earth’s mission to revolutionize the global EV landscape. He emphasized their commitment to accelerating EV adoption and positioning India as a global hub for the electric future. Bhardwaj expressed enthusiasm about working alongside partners like TORK Motors to drive India’s EV ecosystem forward.

TORK Motors currently offers the KRATOS-R in Standard and Urban trim options, known for its striking design, powerful powertrain, and exceptional handling. Meanwhile, Bolt.Earth’s EV charging network has dispensed over 1,200 MWh of energy, benefiting over 1,50,000 users with smart, safe, and compatible charging devices across various EV platforms.

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Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking partnership as it unfolds, reshaping the future of electric mobility in India.

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