Lectrix EV’s Electric Scooters Garner 12,000 Bookings In Under A Month

A file photo of Lectrix EV's LXS 3.0 electric scooter

Lectrix EV, the electric mobility division of SAR Group, has reported an impressive 12,000 bookings within just one month of launching its electric scooters, the LXS G 2.0 and LXS G 3.0, both priced at ₹1 lakh each (ex-showroom).

The company has ambitious plans to secure over 50,000 bookings for these electric scooters by March 2024. The booking process began in July with a limited-time introductory offer, and deliveries commenced in August.

These scooters boast an impressive array of features, including 36 safety, 24 smart, and 14 comfort features. They are available with two battery options, 2.3kWh and 3kWh, providing a range of over 100 kilometers.

Lectrix has conducted extensive torture testing on the scooters’ chassis, covering more than 2.6 lakh kilometers to ensure an enhanced riding experience. These vehicles are equipped with integrated navigation systems and voice assistants and have the capability to receive Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, ensuring they stay technologically up-to-date.

Other technological features include automatic indicators, smart ignition, helmet warnings, vehicle diagnostics, ride statistics, remote seat adjustment via a mobile app, anti-theft mechanisms, find-my-vehicle functionality, emergency SOS buttons, and helmet alerts, catering to the needs of the Gen Z demographic.

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