Shema Electric Unveils High-Speed Scooters Eagle+ And TUFF+ With Advanced Battery Tech In India

A file photo of Shema Electric's TUFF Electric two-wheeler

Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt Ltd (SES) has introduced its latest lineup of high-speed scooters, the Eagle+ and TUFF+. These scooters utilize advanced battery technology and cater to both B2B and B2C markets. Established in 2016, Shema Electric was a pioneer in producing its own low-speed electric scooters as part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

All their vehicles are manufactured in modern facilities located in Manesar and Odisha. The TUFF+ is a versatile EV loader with a load capacity of 150 kgs and a top speed of 60 km/hr.

On the other hand, the Eagle+ is a passenger two-wheeler with a maximum speed of 50 km/hr. Both scooters come with additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, anti-theft alarms, USB charging ports, and central locking systems.

Eagle+ is equipped with Sun Mobility’s IP67 waterproof swappable battery, offering cost-effectiveness, particularly for last-mile deliveries. These scooters are now available for purchase at Shema’s dealer showrooms across India, starting at Rs 139,999 for the TUFF+ and Rs 117,199 for the Eagle+ (both ex-showroom prices). They are eligible for FAME II and state-level subsidies, depending on the region.

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Yogesh Kumar Lath, Founder & CEO, expressed the company’s commitment to shaping the future of Indian mobility by focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. He noted that these new electric scooters are designed to meet the demand for high-speed and durable two-wheelers.

Shema Electric has established partnerships with key EV distributors and marketplaces and has deployed over 20,000 electric vehicles to aggregators.

The company markets its products under its brand name and offers extensive after-sales service. With the addition of these newly launched scooters to its existing range, Shema is driving India toward a future of energy-efficient mobility.

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