Goa Chief Minister Urges Oil Companies To Establish EV Charging Stations Statewide


In a move to establish charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the state, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has urged oil companies to provide such facilities at their fuel stations. During a meeting with oil company officials, Sawant discussed strategies for developing EV charging infrastructure.

Sawant stated, “I had a meeting with representatives from oil companies to talk about green energy. Wherever they have fuel stations, they can install charging points for which the state government will support them.” He also mentioned that charging rates for customers have been resolved, and the government plans to collaborate with the private sector to expand EV adoption.

The Chief Minister recently proposed making it mandatory for all new tourist vehicles to be EVs starting from January next year. Additionally, all government departments will be required to purchase EVs from January 2024.

Sawant highlighted the Indian government’s efforts to promote electric mobility and reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector. He noted that the National Mission on Electric Mobility aims to enhance charging infrastructure and develop a domestic EV manufacturing ecosystem.

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Furthermore, permit holders with multiple tourist taxis and rent-a-bike/cab operators will need to retrofit 30% of their fleets with EVs by June 2024.

To support the growth of the EV ecosystem in Goa, the state government has introduced the Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 and the EV Concessional Charging Infrastructure Policy 2021.

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