BLive Partners with Alliance University to Introduce Electric Cycles Through the Green Campus Program


Pioneering a unique collaboration for sustainable transportation, BLive, India’s premier multi-brand EV platform, has teamed up with Alliance University for the innovative Green Campus initiative. This partnership aims to introduce 15 electric cycles on the university campus, adopting a pay-per-use approach to promote eco-friendly mobility.

In this collaboration, BLive seeks to offer an affordable, environmentally conscious, and hassle-free electric mobility solution to both students and staff of the university. This initiative aligns with BLive’s commitment to advancing 100% clean mobility in India. Notably, through its partnership with BLive, Alliance University proudly earns the distinction of being Bengaluru’s inaugural private university to adopt the Green Campus Program, extending these benefits to its esteemed students and faculty members.

For the ease of students and staff utilizing electric cycles, the university campus will feature two designated docking stations. Initiating a ride will involve scanning a QR code through the Chartered Bike app, available on PlayStore/App Store. Once the ride is concluded, riders will simply return the e-cycle to its assigned station. BLive, in collaboration with their fleet partner Chartered Bike Pvt Ltd, will organize training sessions and orientation programs. These initiatives aim to acquaint students with the e-cycle’s operation, safety protocols, and maintenance needs, guaranteeing a smooth and secure riding experience.

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Commenting on the collaboration, Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-Founder of BLive, said, “We are glad to partner with Alliance University as this collaboration will help us showcase the benefits of adopting electric mobility to students and encourage them to adopt sustainable solutions for a better future. This step initiative will make it easier for students and staff to move around the campus quickly and conveniently. This partnership also highlights our shared commitment to sustainability and will serve as a model for businesses and educational institutions to foster meaningful collaboration and create a positive impact on the planet.” 

The alliance between BLive and Alliance University will usher in a multitude of advantages for both students and staff. Foremost, students will gain access to a convenient and eco-conscious transportation option, lessening their reliance on fossil fuel-powered vehicles and thereby diminishing their carbon footprint. Additionally, this endeavor will foster the adoption of clean mobility solutions, playing a pivotal role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering air pollution levels across the university campus. Above all, the transition to cycling will inspire students and staff to embrace healthier lifestyles while promoting awareness of sustainable habits and environmental preservation. This collective effort will contribute substantively to a greener and more sustainable planet.

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Dr. Ray Titus, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean at Alliance School of Business, conveyed his sincere appreciation to BLive and Chartered Bike for their collaborative endeavor with Alliance University. In his stirring address, Dr. Ray Titus not only commended BLive’s dedicated sustainability efforts but also extolled the company as an emblem of innovation. In his speech, he also explored the dynamic landscape of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, illuminating the integral role of innovation in surmounting current challenges.

The collaboration with Alliance University marks a significant stride for BLive towards attaining its objective of realizing 100% clean mobility nationwide. Through this united endeavor towards a sustainable future, both collaborators aim to serve as beacons, motivating other universities, organizations, and communities to emulate their model and transition to eco-friendly mobility alternatives.

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