Virtus Motors Introduces Alpha A And Alpha I Electric Bicycles In India

A file photo of Virtus Motors Alpha I electric cycle

Virtus Motors has unveiled the Alpha A and Alpha I electric bicycles to commemorate its 7th anniversary, aiming to bridge the cost disparity between traditional and electric bicycles.

The launch of these models is a stride forward in the realm of electric bikes, combining innovation, affordability, and exceptional customer satisfaction, as stated by the company.

Both the Alpha A and Alpha I models feature a fixed battery pack with an 8.0Ah capacity, ensuring consistent and enduring power for every journey. These electric bicycles are equipped with front suspension and disc brakes, enhancing the riding experience with stability and smoothness across diverse terrains. Their single-speed design further facilitates maneuvering through various landscapes.

Enhancing user convenience, both electric cycles offer a single level of pedal assist and throttle, enabling riders to effortlessly switch between modes according to their preferences and requirements.

A unique feature is the incorporation of a 1-inch LCD display adjacent to the throttle grips, providing real-time information to enhance the overall riding experience.

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For the initial phase of the launch, the latest electric bicycle models, Alpha A and Alpha I, will be accessible at a special discounted rate. This discount structure will be Rs 15,999 for the first 50 customers, Rs 17,999 for the first 100 customers, and Rs 19,999 for the subsequent customers.

The original price of these exclusive models was initially set at Rs 24,999 by the company. As of now, the Alpha A and Alpha I electric bicycles will only be available on Virtus Motors’ official website.

Following this online launch, the models will subsequently be made accessible on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and BajajMall, as well as through authorized dealerships in selected cities.

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