Enel X Way and GRID Alternatives Collaborate to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Access in Underserved Communities


Enel X Way, the worldwide e-Mobility division of the Enel Group, has revealed its involvement in GRID Alternatives’ innovative utility pilot electric vehicle (EV) initiative. This program aims to enhance access to EV charging infrastructure in economically disadvantaged communities by offering supplementary incentives and cost savings. The initiative is specifically designed to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in these underserved areas.

In California, the collaborative efforts of both companies will contribute to a utility initiative, catering to qualifying low-income individuals who have recently acquired or leased an electric vehicle (EV). This innovative program by Enel X Way and GRID Alternatives offers eligible participants a complimentary Enel X Way JuiceBox home EV charger, along with professional installation services. Additionally, participants can benefit from financial support of up to $2,000 for upgrades to their electric service panels.

This initial endeavor can be seamlessly combined with existing incentives and rebates, encompassing the federal government’s 30% tax credit for home charging stations, a $7,500 credit applicable to specific EVs, and California’s $2,000 cash rebate aimed at eligible EV purchasers. The pilot program’s primary objective is to equip 2,000 low-income households with free Level 2 EV chargers, while also facilitating electrical panel upgrades for 800 qualifying households.

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“As automakers introduce more affordable EV models that appeal to a wider swath of consumers and income levels, new EV drivers will need a convenient and reliable place to charge up their electric vehicles,” said Chris Baker, Head of Enel X Way North America. “Clean transportation should be accessible to all. We’re proud to support an equitable EV transition by providing residents in historically disenfranchised communities with free JuiceBox home EV charging stations.”

Given that underserved communities bear a disproportionate burden of the adverse effects of inadequate air quality, stemming partially from emissions of gas-powered vehicles, the imperative for fair and easily accessible electric vehicle (EV) transportation becomes paramount. The deficiency of public charging infrastructure in these communities, often termed “charging deserts,” presents a significant impediment to the uptake of EVs within this demographic.

The pilot initiative seeks to dismantle this obstacle and foster broader EV adoption among these communities. By furnishing low-income households with a complimentary JuiceBox home EV charger, this program strives to empower these communities with a practical solution, thereby propelling the movement towards embracing electric mobility.

“We are excited to partner with Enel X Way to empower environmental justice communities in our region to shift to clean transportation options,” said Erica Mackie, CEO of GRID Alternatives. “For too long, underserved communities have suffered the most from gas-powered vehicle pollution. Now, this program will make home EV charging stations more affordable and help clear the air for everyone.”

The utility program’s administration will be overseen by GRID Alternatives, with Enel X Way taking charge of providing and installing JuiceBox home EV chargers for eligible participants. Additionally, Enel X Way will closely monitor the charging data to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. Through its JuiceBox EV charging stations, Enel X Way empowers users to efficiently plan their charging schedules during periods of lowest electricity rates, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency. Furthermore, users can actively engage in smart grid initiatives to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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