MG Motor India And Prestige Group Forge Alliance To Expand EV Charging Network


MG Motor India, a British automotive brand boasting a heritage spanning 99 years, has recently unveiled its collaboration with Prestige Group, a renowned name in real estate development. The aim of this partnership is to establish a network of 100 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at prominent properties owned by Prestige Group within the city.

MG Motor India’s objective is to amplify the realm of sustainable mobility through the introduction of the MG Comet EV and MG ZSEV to the Prestige Group. This partnership underscores the joint commitment of both entities towards sustainable growth, with a particular focus on enhancing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the nation. As a practical application of this endeavor, the management and employees of Prestige Group will utilize these electric cars for their daily commutes, enjoying the convenience of an eco-friendly transportation option and firsthand experience of the benefits of electric mobility.

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director of MG Motor India, expressed, “At MG, we are staunch advocates of EV charger installation as a means to spearhead sustainability and innovation. As conscientious corporate citizens, we bear the responsibility of pioneering a cleaner and more ecologically sound future, making electric mobility easily accessible and convenient for everyone. Our partnership with Prestige Group is an embodiment of our collective commitment to driving positive change and enhancing the quality of life through cleaner modes of transportation.”

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Javed Shafiq Rao, CEO of Property Management at Prestige Group, shared, “The strategic alliance between Prestige Group and MG Motor India will pave the path toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for Bengaluru. As leading enterprises, we acknowledge our obligations to our communities and the ecosystem. This collaboration represents a substantial stride in our dedication to facilitating universal access to electric mobility in a convenient manner. Through this collaboration, Prestige Group aims to fortify Bengaluru’s community EV charging infrastructure.”

Under the ‘MG Charge’ initiative, MG Motor India envisions the installation of 1,000 EV SMART chargers across the country to bolster India’s EV charging infrastructure and expedite the nationwide adoption of electric mobility. The upcoming SMART chargers by MG will adhere to the Type 2 standard, accommodating a broad range of current and future EV models. This initiative sets the stage for the widespread integration of electric vehicles into the mainstream.

The collaborative efforts of MG Motor India and Prestige Group seek to establish a remarkable precedent within India’s automotive sector, presenting a transformative initiative that represents a significant stride toward a cleaner and greener future.

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