Delhi’s Electric Vehicle Subsidy Benefits To Persist Until New Policy: Transport Minister


Kailash Gahlot, the Transport Minister of Delhi, announced that the incentives provided by the existing Electric Vehicle Policy will remain in effect until a new policy is officially announced.

The Electric Vehicle Policy for Delhi was introduced in August 2020 with the goal of achieving a 25% share of electric vehicles in total vehicle sales by 2024. As per official records, over 1.12 lakh electric vehicles have been sold under this policy.

Gahlot stated in a tweet, “Today, we mark three years of significant EV policy of Delhi that has propelled Delhi to become India’s hub for electric vehicles. As the formulation of a new EV policy is still in progress, the incentives from the current policy will continue until the new policy is finalized.”

As of May, Delhi’s electric vehicle policy has achieved approximately 86% of its set goals and initiatives, as confirmed by the transport department.

In May, the transport department collaborated with the Delhi Electric Vehicle Cell to organize a stakeholder consultation, which forms a vital step in the development of an updated edition of ‘Delhi EV Policy 2.0’.

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In June of this year, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal highlighted that Delhi has emerged as the leading city for electric vehicles in India, boasting the highest number of EV purchases in the country.

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