BLive Collaborates with Revolt Motors to Introduce Revolt RV400, India’s Bestselling Electric Motorcycle, at BLive EV Outlets


BLive, a rapidly growing multi-brand EV platform in India, has joined forces with Revolt Motors to introduce the highly sought-after electric motorcycle, Revolt RV400, into BLive’s extensive network of EV stores. This strategic alliance encompasses comprehensive sales, service, and spare parts support for Revolt Motors across the nation through BLive’s established infrastructure. This collaboration not only promises increased sales potential and diversified options for consumers, but it also extends remarkable exposure to Tier 2 and 3 cities via the extensive BLive network.

Conversely, Revolt Motors is granting BLive exclusive selling rights within the multi-brand electric vehicle category. The initial phase of this dynamic partnership will witness the availability of 160 Revolt Motors bikes within BLive EV stores situated across key regions such as Goa, Hyderabad, Dhule (Maharashtra), Odisha, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. This pioneering venture signifies a significant stride towards the advancement of electric mobility and the widespread adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Speaking about the collaboration, Samarth Kholkar, CEO & Co-Founder, BLive, said “It gives me immense pleasure to join hands with Revolt Motors and introduce the revolutionary Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle to BLive EV stores. This collaboration with a renowned brand in EV like Revolt Motors augurs well for the BLive brand. Revolt Motors are currently the only credible product in terms of an e-motorcycle, and will be best suited for our end customers in terms of having a choice of premium bike. Through this partnership, we want to convey to our potential consumers that one does not have to compromise on the fun and thrill aspect of motorcycling while transitioning to EV.” 

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The partnership is dedicated to fostering a vibrant electric motorcycling culture across various locations. This commitment has already been set into motion through a recent review ride organized for the Riders Club in Goa.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, the RV400 boasts an array of cutting-edge features including Swipe to initiate/stop, Voice commands, customizable sound profiles, geofencing, and easily interchangeable batteries. Enthusiasts can relish in the thrill of remarkable performance, achieving an impressive top speed of 85 km/h*, coupled with robust torque. Additionally, the convenience of charging the battery, akin to charging a smartphone, enhances the overall user experience. The RV400’s lithium-ion batteries are engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions and are certified for exceptional durability.

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