One Electric Unveils 2 Electric Motorcycles and 1 Electric Scooter In India

A file photo of One Electric's XR model

One Electric has announced the release of two electric motorcycles and one electric scooter model, all of which have been designed, developed, and manufactured in India. The company claims to be the first to introduce multiple electric two-wheeler models of Indian origin to the market. These three models will be sold in large quantities in Indian and African markets, while the company will conduct initial market research and testing in South East Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

In addition to these three models, One Electric will also introduce a low-speed model specifically designed for short-distance deliveries under 5 km. This model will be priced below Rs 39,000 and will offer an 80 km range and a top speed of 25 kmph. Customers and B2B companies worldwide can express their interest in these models by registering on the company’s website.

Gaurav Uppal, the CEO of One Electric, states, “Based on our market data, our products are suitable for other international markets as is, or with drive train modifications.”

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He explains that their XR model is particularly well-suited for last-mile delivery operations in Europe, where speed limits in central areas of major cities are under 60 kmph. However, for the South East Asian markets, a more powerful powertrain with a top speed of 80 kmph will be required.”

Furthermore, the V2 and Sport models are also considered good options for the Americas and Europe.

Abhijeet Shah, the COO of One Electric, adds that they are working on larger motor power options of up to 10 kWh for the USA and Europe, providing a continuous speed option of 65 Miles Per Hour. However, their primary focus remains on driving trains under 5kw power, with limited emphasis on the 10 Kw option.

KRIDN, the company’s flagship electric motorcycle, is already being used in B2B operations in India and Africa. The addition of the XR model and low-speed model expands their B2B portfolio to cover lower-priced segments.

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One Electric plan to collaborate with select B2B partners in India for commercial operations and establish a limited number of dealers for the consumer segment in the coming year. For global operations, the company aims to find suitable partners who share similar core values to represent them in different countries.

With these four models, One Electric aims to cover a wide range of market segments worldwide. Their focus is now on producing high-quality products and expanding their operations in line with their vision of becoming a global player by 2025. A launch and demo day for the media, select B2B companies, and dealers will be held by the company in July 2023.

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