Ather Energy Partners With Southern Railways For EV Charging Stations In Chennai

A file photo of Ather Grid

Ather Energy announced a partnership with Southern Railways for the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations at ten stations in suburban stations and across the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in Chennai.

Southern Railways and Ather Energy will share 100 square feet at each MRTS or suburban station. This will allow Ather energy to create a charging zone. It allows the company to have three chargers in one location. The fast charging network is available to all owners of electric two-wheelers as well as electric four-wheelers.

Aravind Prasad is the Head of Charging Infrastructure at Ather Energy. He said that “We have already installed 60+ Ather Grids in Chennai and 185+ throughout Tamil Nadu. Southern Railways and our partnership will enable us to install ten fast-charging points at MRTS or suburban stations, making it easier. This partnership with Southern Railways will help promote electric cars in the city and open the door to more PPP (Public Private Partnerships) models. It will also shape the landscape for e-mobility.”

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With over 1,200 Ather Grids fast charging points, the company is the most extensive two-wheeler fast-charging network. The company also made available its IP for the charging connector, which was released to all OEMs.

The company opened its second manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, on November 20, 222. This facility will increase the company’s production capacity to 420,000 units annually in FY24.

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