Borzo Partners With Zecat For Electric Last-Mile Deliveries In India


Borzo (formerly WeFast), is a global courier/delivery service and has collaborated with Zero Carbon Transportation (Zecat) to use electric vehicles to deliver its last-mile deliveries.

Borzo will be able to convert its Delhi-NCR fleet of 10% to electric vehicles within the next two months thanks to the partnership, according to a statement.

Borzo, which is marking a start to its EV plans through this partnership has deployed the first batch in Delhi of electric vehicles and plans to increase the size of the EV fleet by four times over the next few months, it stated.

The company plans to expand its electric vehicle fleet operations to other metropolitan areas across the country, with the goal of converting 20% of its fleet to EVs by year’s end.

The new EVs will make hyper-local deliveries more efficient, reliable, and friendly to the environment. Borzo currently has over 50,000 active courier partners as part of its delivery force.

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“Periodically Zecat will lease more electric two-wheelers from Borzo, who will in turn sub-lease to its delivery drivers. Borzo will gradually transition to electric mobility through this strategic partnership. Both companies share the same positive vision of creating a safer, better environment and are making a move to make this a success,” said the company.

Eugene Panfilov (General Manager, Borzo India), spoke out about the strategic partnership. “In India last-mile delivery is growing exponentially and we foresee great potential in cost-effective, eco-friendly deliveries. Borzo India has made significant progress towards the introduction of an electric vehicle (EV) fleet. Zecat is our partner in launching our fleet of electric vehicles for delivery services. This is a major milestone in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a more green environment.”

Panfilov stated that the new EV fleet was not only environmentally friendly, but also technologically advanced, to ensure reliable, efficient, and speedy deliveries. Panfilov said that he looks forward to expanding EV operations in other cities of India and to converting 20% to EVs within the year.

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Amit Gupta (CFO of Zecat), commented on the development. “Borzo, a leading company for commercial last-mile transport, is happy to work with us to transition to electric cars. We are creating an electric vehicle ecosystem that is seamless for all EV users at Zecat. Zecat aims to have 5000 EVs in service by the end of this year.”

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